Hi, my name is RB Studios formerly known as RB Gaming. I like to make videos on YouTube. I have made videos on YouTube since Christmas of 2014. On Christmas of 2015 I got an Elgato game capture for my Xbox 360 and deleted all my old videos because they were all filmed using a camera pointed at the TV screen. I made close to 500 videos since then, mostly gaming videos in games like Minecraft and GTA 5. There were a lot of other games as well but those 2 games were the most recorded games on my channel. I also did vlogs, Challenge videos and just some random videos. In mid December of 2017 I set all of my videos to private and was planning on quitting YouTube because a group of my old friends were ganging up on me and were dislike botting videos, creating accounts to comment on my videos and would constantly create new Discord accounts to join my Discord server to spy on me. This had been going on since mid September 2017 and kept escalating till it got too much for me in mid December of 2017 when I set all of my YouTube videos to private and closed down my Discord server to friends only and deleted a handful of my social media. I’m not saying it's all their fault but they knew how to push my buttons and manipulate me into looking like the bad guy. I do have anger issues along with a few other diagnosed problems which they knew about. But now in late December of 2017 I changed my name from RB Gaming to RB Studios because I didn't want to give up on YouTube. Not after grinding for 2 years and getting 700 subscribers because of it. I also didn't want to give up my first paid website. So now I’m gonna continue to do what I did before but with a name that better suits my channel. Now I’m not gonna be as lazy of an editor. Don’t expect subtitling and meme’s flashing on the screen but do expect more jump cuts. Unless it’s a playthrough of a video game that will be more raw than the first chicken you cook on Thanksgiving. Speaking of chicken did you know I’m a vegetarian?